What a Thrill It Would Be...

I would love for one of my friends on EP to have a crush on me. It would be so exciting, the anticipation of "is he on right now or not" or "what gesture will he do next" or "what gift will he give me now". And, it would be great to wonder "how should I respond to his gesture" or "what gift should I give him in return".

And, to take it further, maybe we would even talk on the phone, exchange emails away from EP or meet each other someday...

purpleriz purpleriz
51-55, F
3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

aww thank you sister *hugs you close*

I'm crushing back gf.. i've never had a crush on a girl before..*blush*..especially a fellow purple lover... ;-)

well..*blush*..i have a crush on You because Youa re purple hehehe