I want everyone on here to have a crush on me.

Although there are a couple of indivduals that make my head spin on here.

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28 Responses Feb 16, 2010

well i am totally smitten with you. <br />
<br />
we won't tell AP :)

thank you Pix, that is nice to know. <br />
<br />
Sara wants names. lol<br />
<br />
she wants to know who makes my head spin. :) i'm trying hard not to divulge any info but she is very good at what she does. lol <br />
<br />
i'm almost ready to snap. :)

Pt...<br />
I know all the girls in the harem has a crush on you, that is for sure!! *wink* ;-)

that is some serious crushing there emerald, but what a way to be crushed on. lol

Good news, PT! I think you're just a few comments away from Sara crushing you with her CC's!! ROFL!

oh emerald, i'm just want someone to crush on me. :)

I think Sara and PT need a private corner in the harem tent! lol. wow, TEP, where you been lately??!! :O <br />
PT, you really are a naughty boy today! *winks and giggles*~~~~~~~~~

well thank TEP i have quite a crush on you myself.

Oh Sara those are lovely cc you have there.

My face is down to yours and I'm lightly licking your lips... you can feel my breasts pressed against yours.... come on now... names.....

tell me what your doing now? one action for a reaction. no? lol

Good start.... neeext...

one at a time.<br />

Nope<br />
<br />
Just stopped... holding you down... my hair tickling your face... c'mon... I'll start up again if you give me the names of all your girlfriends here....

let's try it and see what happens, no promises though. lol

So if I push you back on the couch... like THIS.... and get on top of you, like THIS... and straddle you... rubbing gently.... and tell you... I'll stop if you don't give me names.... <br />
<br />
what will you do?

it's all about you right now. lol

mmmmm... good.... now... come on, who else...

oh Sara, you make my head spin out of control girl.

So... which of your lovelies here make your head spin... hmmm?

it won't be because of effort on my part Kitten, i love to make them smile if i can. and they all make me smile. ilove this place.

i'm starting to feel quite excited. <br />
<br />
your so lovely Sara, how else would i feel. (deep sigh)

Yeah, that's it, baby, just slip it off.... sit back on this couch here... let me get down next to you, so, how you feeling, hmmm?

Oh kitten, not everyone. but that is my goal. lol

yes i will Sara, it's starting to get awfully hot in here. :)

Wanna take that jacket off and get more comfortable?

hi sweet heart. :)

Hi, honey...