My Mom's Boyfriend Is An ***

so my mom recently got a new boyfriend. he's white. i'm not racist or anything, and that's not the reason i hate him, although it is different. he is racist. my mom doesn't notice. he is REALLY creepy. he looks at me weird, sometimes i feel he hates me, sometimes i feel he likes me. and not likes me as his daughter, no, he likes me like he likes my mom. we were watching a western, and he made comments about indians. my dad is an indian. my mom is mexican and didn't really say anything, but i took offense. my mom really likes him and i don't know what to do.
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A day shall come whn there will b no racism on diz earth...................pray with me...

I'm sorry to hear that, My father passed when I was young, and my mother married a horrible man, he hated my brother and I, he verbally and mentally abused us, when he and my mother had 2 children together he treated them like gold, while we were nothing but trash. I hate to admit it but at one time I wanted to kill him, my mother rest her soul was abusive as well, I've forgiven but I can't forget. I truly understand hun. If you want to talk message me anytime, also if he ever tries to touch you tell a relative or someone you can trust immediately and have them notify the police. I cannot stand people who are abusive, especially men. You take care of your-self, I will pray for you.

thanks so much :)