Touch Me

I miss the simpleness of just having my hand held.  My boys are "too old" to hold my hand when we cross the street, or go thru a parking lot.  And as much as I love the feeling of my boys hands in mine, that isn't exactly what I'm missing the most. 

I love the simpleness of being touched by another.  Having his hand in mine, holding me.  The way his fingers would lock into mine, intertwining himself into mine.  The unspoken promises of something to come.  A simple touch of being touched....   how wonderful is that?

GoddessDevine GoddessDevine
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I grew up in a family of cold Norwegians. No one hugged or held hands. <br />
When I grew up and met girls, I found out how wonderful it could be. I have no idea why anyone would not like such a thing. I love hand holding and hug my sons. It is wonderful!

I just wrote a short story on how much hand holding means to me ... my grandchildren love to hold my hand as I do theirs. <br />
<br />
My husband never felt comfortable holding my hand. Even as a 17 year old, I felt confused by his reaction. I thought it was a normal part of bonding with a loved one. I started questioning my needs and desires. <br />
<br />
Now I wonder why make it so important now after so many years of handless-ness holding.... you understand...<br />
<br />
I love the connection and I can feel the spirit at work in two loving people. I have touched my hand against others who offered warmth, love and friendship..... <br />
My touch even bothers my husband ... he told me and I'm not suppose to be offended ... and if I move my thumb from the stationary position, that gives him the heebee jeebees ... sounds insane and wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so sad.<br />
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So many sensations on the tips of our fingers...<br />
God gave us the gift of touch ..... <br />
of Holding Hands and joining in Spirit.

Nothing is better than holding hands. The warmth and closeness with another person is so wonderful.