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If you are like me, it doesn't need to be someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, just a ***** donor. My husband can not give me babies but he is a great husband and dad. I didn't want to go the aritificial insemination route so I took other lovers with my husbands knowledge so we could have children. The first was an accident, sort of, but the rest where planned.
The truth is if you want a baby, find a guy that can give you the best babies and if he isn't the man you want to be with you forever just go out and find that one. Give up the romantic notion that you are going to find a perfect guy to give you babies and the little house etc. Do you know of a cute guy where you have dreamed of what his babies would look like that really isn't interested in you? Go up to him and tell him you want a no strings attached sexual agrement. Most guys will go for this in a heartbeat. Once you have his baby you can always dump him before he knows you are pregnant. Men are ***** donors and should be used for that~~!
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I would love to help you

i will gladly knock-up any willing female, and if shes really nice maybe she will at least let me suck a little milk from her boobs or maybe even do her while shes pregnant.

This is a great story. I am single father, and I agree with everything you said. Some men can't have children, and I would love to give them(when they are in a stable relationship) the joy of fatherhood. Children are a wonderful thing to have around the house:))

NICE count me in =)

I look at this as a genetic issue, not a sexual one, although having a great time is a wonderful 'side effect'<br />
My ***** count is in excess of 230 million per milliliter.<br />
I have an IQ of 126 ( tested about 10 years ago)<br />
I speak English, French and Japanese<br />
I'm a former spec-ops type guy, now retired.<br />
I've played the piano since I was 6 by ear i.e. without written music.<br />
I've been genetically screened with no problems.<br />
<br />
If you want more info, friend me and I'll send you my contact info

I know when my first wife and I married she was ready to get impregnated and for about a year and a half we tried everything to get her knocked up. She was 19 the first time I shared her with another man and although he ****** her bare and filled her with his ***** we had chosen a time when she was not fertile. As we began to share her more often we began to discuss letting one of my friends breed her, these discussions turned her on immensely, discussions of if she did get knocked up how we would handle it together plus all the issues that go with it. We finally decided to do it, she planned the timing and I set it up with a friend who agreed to do it. He agreed to stay with us during a 3 day time when she was ovulating and for those 3 days both of us pumped seed into her a number of times each day keeping her full of *****. We did that 4 different months but she never did get knocked up.

Well now, I guess if you're ever looking for a donor again, you can just respond to this comment.<br />
<br />
I'll save the floodgate of pretentious statistics for then, 'cause I don't really want to be rude and rattle them off unprompted.

I’m a proven father of two, a boy and a girl, who are strong, healthy and are honor roll students.<br />
I’m 6’ tall and athletic build with brown hair and eyes.<br />
I’m friendly and easy to get along with, my friends have said “I’m a hell of a nice guy ” but I’m not a pushover I will stand my ground. My college GPA is 3.9<br />
My family history has NO chronic illnesses; mental or physical.<br />
I’m located in east central IL

You can use me as a ***** donor anytime.

beautifully stated -- and a great justification for shallow sexual relationships. i know of more than a few women who chose their husbands ba<x>sed on their genetics, and who ended up in divorce after the babies were born. your way is eminently more practical, and kudos to your husband and to you!