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Yea I figure I would have to be like rich and pay some one money too keep me in a diaper. I mean that in a nice way. I mean yes please keep me in diapers and never let me out. I wonder if they have like a diaper corset. You know so only the key holder could even let you out of your diaper. I mean would that not be cool. Some one would go to the trouble of first finding you but then not only diaper you but prevent you from taking it off. It would only come off when they said it could and not a moment sooner. They would make you go to work in it all day and of course you would try to get through the day with out any one finding out. But at some point you could not handle it any more and wam you would explode in your diaped a feeling of warmth and gooyness. Your co-workers would quickly find out your boss would freak out. You just pass it off as having gotten really drunk last night and having meat this really hot chic. Who you thought you hit it off with. You go on to tell them that when you woke up you just quickly dressed and rushed off to work and when you tried to pee early int the morning it was only then you found out about your little problem. But you were not sure if it would have been alright to sleep out of work and go find this crazy woman who did this too you. But later of course you would just plain enjoy your self. But when it happened again you would tell the boss right away. And say well I know you don't like it I am not big on this myself total lie here but if it help you keep your job all the better. Then go on to tell them that she is really hot and is hot for you even if she is dating some other guy or girl on the side she just enjoys the control of keeping you in a diaper. Then if any one protest to bring up everyone else who uses a diaper and gets away with it every day. And they are very important jobs the world would never be the same with out. Like doctors who end up in surgery for eighteen hours they have no choice they can't run off to the rest room they have to fill it up no matter if it is poo or pee. Race car drivers. I mean it do you ever see them stop one of those five hundred mile races for a potty break no! oh they are wetting and even maybe pooing their shorts. Truck Drivers ok so I am a truck driver and yes it would be nice to get away with it.
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they do make plastic pants with locks on them