It's Hard To Find That

When the time comes I want to Find a Guy who Loves me and accepts and  Loves my son. I've been told by Friends of mine I could hanging up dating because no man wants a woman With A kid. That scares me..
matthewsmommy matthewsmommy
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TheCitykid,so does this mean you are going to wait till your married to have sex?If not then you better or shut the **** up.Its not about the right time to have sex,its about love.Why should it matter if its not your kid?treat the kid as your own and it will be.

you have a right to your opinion..

Thanks you Guys that Really Eases My Mind.

Dont worry,there are lots of guys that would date you knowing you have a son.I would.

Before I was a dad I would have been intimidated by that. Now that I'm a dad, if I were to date I think only a mom would understand what it's all about and what's really important.

i think your right because me too as a mom i think only a dad can understand what it means