I need a guy that won't mind my stupid complaining, won't care that I beat him in video games, doesn't care that I PLAY video games, that doesn't pressure me, that loves me for all my randomness and insanity.



ChunChun ChunChun
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8 Responses Dec 26, 2007

you pretty much just advertised a yourself as a video gamers gf.<br />
my major is journalism and I want to work at Gamestop. My dream job is Gameinformer. And i WILL work there. there is a huuugggeeeee group of men who love that in females. dont get it twisted luv :D

You lot think you have trouble if I want my perfect match I need a 30 something man who loves steam engines after all I do love my steam engines but there are very few most men are in there 40s or 50s and married. Or just plain odd

dont mind u playen video games long u dont mind me goen on moptotcycle runs oh well i aint got a chanche so

Yeah, it is.

oh, im not giving up. it's just ANNOYING! lol.<br />
<br />

Chin up. If I can't give up, you can't either.

thanks! i'm just tired of looking and just when i think theyre perfect, they do something to completely **** me off or make me think theyre gay or something crazy... ~_~'

Boy, if you could go for ugly guys, then that'd be me, lol. I like video games myself... When I get the rare chance to play, lol. I love random insanity, and I don't pressure.<br />
<br />
Ah well, I suppose that guy your meant for is out there somewhere. Most are. You just have to look hard.