Stuff Like This Doesn't Happen To People Like Me.... Or So I Thought!!

Five years ago if someone would have read my future to this present time, I would have laughed in their face.  Either that or opted out of life.

I'll set the scene for you. 

I was 37 yrs old 5 years back, my brother 39 (yep nearly exactly 2 years older) and my Mum and Dad were still together.  They married, had my brother a year later,  then me.    My Parents worked all their life, and taught us right from wrong.  We were pretty much a text book family. 

Mum & Dad had long term plans, find a family home, worked hard to provide for us both with an ultimate goal of retiring with good pensions and a home never remortgaged for 30 years providing them with financial security for their old age.  Never once did they deviate from this goal. 

Well my Dad's 65 birthday, they sold their house, made £250,000 profit after buying a new car, paying off any loans, credit cards etc etc and pensions between them totalling £3,000 a month.

Impressive people when you think about it.  Can't say I have many friends who can say the same.  In fact none of them can.  I am one proud daughter.

They moved to France and a long term friend of the family exchanged £200,000 from sterling to euro through a contact of his. 

Or so our "long term friend" lead us to believe.

To cut a long long long story short, our "long term friend" who I will refer to as LTF from hereon in was a con man who stole my parents money.

LTF was not only a con man, but a damn good one,  which we were to learn over the next 2 years having to fight for justice  with everyone we could possibly think to fight. 

I spent two years fighting the FOS the Bank of Ireland the UK police, top Irish Solicitors, the Head of Police where we live, our local MP who is also an MP for the Conservative Party, SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency)...................among the least. 

I shudder when I think of the people I have had to deal with.  The Head of Fraud for Northern Ireland was e-mailing me in the middle of the night.  Our conversations were on a par "he is no better than I am, and I am no better than he is".  Do you understand?  In simpler terms, it would not have been out of character for either one of us to have ended our e-mails with a kiss. X   

This is quite a lengthy story, and one which is quite difficult for me to tell you without me getting angry.  So I'm going to tell it in chapters if OK with you all? Please don't get bored though.  It's only 3 chapters, 4 maximum...... I Promise.

All I ask for is that you, purely for my sake and however long it takes you, "GET INTO MY SHOES AND UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING?",  will you just PLEASE do that for me?

When you have I would like everyone's opinion, honest and constructive though.

Small mindedness is not what I am asking for here guys, just down right (no matter how nasty!) honest opinions.  Write what you think in short sharp sentences.   Don't want no one ***** footing around me, trying to tell me how bad I am but in a "nicely" way.  Say it how it is.

I have none I can do this with. I would love to be able to have trust in people's honesty again.  I am hoping you will all do that for me.

I hope someone out there understands.



Thanks for replying, think I am ready to explain chapter two. One Police man from Northern Ireland eventually dug deep enough to realise a crime had been committed. A year later, after collected evidence in every format possible (from myself), a raid on both men (at dawn) was taken place. Just before Xmas 2008. However these Bastards knew that I would not let this go so they set me up and paperwork was found for a fuel smuggling racket worth millions, with little old me being the head of it all at my address.

Anyway being watched, having my phone tapped etc etc for a whole year made me just a tad paranoid. Not only that in September the same year my parents returned from France because my Dad was (or so they told me a little bit poorly). Protecting me from the real issue of inoperable lung cancer was not what I expected. After chemo and radiotherapy, my previously very fit father died 6 months later. He was 67. The case continued. 2 years later Mum gave evidence by video link 3 weeks before she also died of terminal cancer. From diagnosis to death 2 months. More will follow, just feeling a little low first xmas without them. Thanks for y our comments. X
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I'm really sorry for you, I can't imagine the pain and frustration & the feelings of being so alone with no parents that have been there for you your entire life. That LTD needs a taste of what he's putting out, I would wager the piece of scrap would curl up and cry.

hugs xxxxx

OMG What a rotten thing to do! When they catch him I hope he gets a long sentence!

that is so terrible what happened to you and your parents that bastard should be shot