Finding someone like that is about as likely as hitting the lotto I'm 63 and still looking.
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I have to quote Desperate Housewives episode "Is This What you Call Love?"<br />
<br />
One of the ladies has issues she needs to get over as she is going through a divorce. A man she meets realizes that after 3 disasterous dates, comes in for a 'surprise' date to try and avoid disaster. She can't figure out why he is there. He says.<br />
<br />
"If you are lucky enough to meet someone who is sexy, smart and funny and likes you back, you give them all the time in the world."<br />
<br />
He wasn't her perfect match but it was who she needed.<br />
<br />
I have had loads of friends meet people and get married through Sometimes you needs to put yourself out there to find the right one.<br />
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Also, I've been in love and out of love several times and each time I thought he was my lifemate. Better to be in love then never at all. Be happy with yourself. He will show up when you least expect it.

Shelle,<br />
<br />
Keep saying to yourself "I deserve love, I deserve to be loved completely and unconditionally". Everyone deserves that one true love of their life. If you live you life to the fullest, go and do and enjoy the things that are important to you, that mean something to you, don't hold yourself back, I believe that in the process of really living life, embracing life, embracing your life and the wonderful person YOU are inside, that the opportunity will present itself for you to find that person that completes you deep down inside your heart. Now when that opportunity comes you have to be open to it and recognize it but I honestly believe it will come. <br />
<br />
You are a loving, compassionate woman, you are worth it, you deserve it, never let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise.

Its only being positive everything in the end will be OK that keeps me going. If I started to not be positive I know I would be on a slow downward slope into depression and I have no intention of that happening.

I can see reasons to be picky but its a matter of how much you need love and affection. I found years without any kisses and cuddles were getting me down. Then I found I had a crush on someone older and married I made the fatel error of telling him and to my surprise he did not tell me to go away just told me as long as we keep it between ourselves he is happy if I am. I am its bliss we do not meet very often or for very long but after years of no kisses now I get many and I have never been happier.

Everything happens for a reason apparently. You do need to look in the right place or may be the person you want can not be found. Just an observation of life. I looked for someone who can give me what I want and need and to my surprise although he does not fulfil all my needs and there are one or two major issues with him on the whole he is what I want. Instead of what you would expect me to want which I realised was impossible to find.