This Doesn't Mean I Am Abstinent To Positive Change

A person that I may love would bring positive changes in my life and not just temporal to the courting process, I may love them so much when they ask me to stop doing something that annoys them or is unsightly and improper, I know I will do it, but if they just want to have their way with me and are control freaks and love to manipulate people, I will put my foot down and tell them Hey, love me for who I am, DONT try to change me or control me or manipulate me!!!!!!!
Not because I can buy them many gifts,  or  I dress a certain way or wear certain colognes or comport myself in a certain way just to have good report with people. I cant stand people pleasing, unless for the person of whom I will love for as long as I shall be allowed to live. They say "A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life" so I only please one person rather than people.
Matthew633 Matthew633
46-50, M
Jul 26, 2012