I Want Someone To See Me Truly As I Am

I am in my 3rd year in college majoring in psychology and i cant seem to find anyone who truly loves me for who i am. i am everyone's therapist and friend but no one's lover ad girlfriend. i am a old soul and i believe in loving with all my soul but i cant seem to find anyone who is truly attracted to me inside and out
tangledcurls92 tangledcurls92
18-21, F
6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Well i hope that's changed by now.

I am attracted to u inside! Don't know about the outside yet!

good luck :)
message me if interested

Begging your pardon for my term, but I can find no better one at the moment: Maybe you should market yourself in greater details?...

I feel like you but I believe that it is good to be patient. There are people in this world - such kindred spirits. It is beautiful when you meet someone who sees the world the same way as you. I pray that I met the love. Good luck:)

Im sure there is someone out there just for you. You just have to be pacient. Keep looking, and have fun while you're doing it. Then you will find the person you truly deserve. But hang in there, it just takes time.

thank you for your response ...its nice to gt a fresh perspective