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yeah. people who'll REALLY, REALLY love you for you (in the romantic aspect, or even friendship wise, sometimes), are hard to find. They're rare finds, so if you have them, don't let 'em go. & if you don't yet (like me), don't settle for anything less.

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no, it's not like that. love definitely should be a two-way thing. i have been hurt before, and i have learned well from it. all i'm saying is, if we love someone, we have to accept them for what they are, and don't impose change, for it comes from within.

It sounds from your post that you want to be loved rather to love or am I misreading you? To love someone is to make compromise which initially is usually the inability to say 'no'. To love is also to care deeply about the other person. To love someone is a commitment; when it is felt that this is the person whom you are prepared to battle for, then the chemistry is probably right. To expect to be loved might attract the wrong partner. Love, of course, is a peculiar thing as some love wealth or social status and seek a partner who can provide those things but, in such cases, is it really love or is it just a practical proposition?

thank you so much, kylae77, you've made me smile:)<br />
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livingbyfaith, thank u, as well.

Misty i enjoy all your comments and stories - just your honest self. And seeing your smiling face (logo) always makes me smile, too. : )

thank you, g9.. we do deserve the best. :)

Yes young one never compromise on LOVE . It should be as romantic as you could possibly dream of and no less .