What a Difference An X Makes....

I love being a girl. I love doing girlie things. I fell in love with a Marine. I thought he loved me but he loved not me but the girl me.

We met at a bar. I have to admit that I was dancing on top of the bar and was having a little too much fun. I slipped on a spilled beverage and he caught me. That catch started a relationship that lasted six months. We talked; we exchanged intimacies; we were soul mates.

My mother was an unwed mother who became a neuro surgeon. We lived in the country in a gorgeous home. I remember running through the fields collecting prairie flowers for "mommie." When I was eight, my mother said it was time for a talk. Please. By then you have heard stories about the "birds and the bees."

The story wasn't what I expected but it didn't upset me either. My mother had an obsessive lover. She had run away with me and changed her name. She had raised me as her sweet daughter and I feel like her sweet daughter. She told me that I was male. She offered me a choice. I didn't want to be male; I wanted to be her princess.

I completed school, including college. I got a job as a computer consultant. My life was perfect except I fell in love with a Marine. He discovered my secret. It made no difference that I had had operations [not complete, however.] It made no difference that we had loved each other. He loved the image, not me.

I will get over him but it will take a while. In the meantime, I work and wonder.
rikki60 rikki60
36-40, F
Aug 20, 2007