I Want Him Badly...

i fell in love with a guy 6 years older than me. We don't know each other. I justoften see him at university as he has the habit of drinking coffee and smoking in the same place, btw i discovered that he is a "taurus".
I'm really shy and i don't know how to approach him. It would be great if fate brings us together, but i'm getting impatient as he'll graduate soon and i'm afraid i'll regret not confessing to him...but at the same time, i don't want to do the first step :s
iI can't bear the burning feeling inside me!!! My head is full of thoughts about him and it makes me feel really frustrated :s
I'm also afraid to add him on facebook but i have his email. Should i first start by sending him a message by email, and what should i tell him?? I really don't know what to do as i've never had a boyfriend before so i'm totally inexperienced (i'm 19 btw)
It would be great if you give me some advices or tricks to approach and seduce him ^^
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I'm only seventeen, but I had this very same problem. I'm kind of the shy nice guy, I'm not self-concious, but I never really put out the initiative. If your looking for true love it honestly will come almost naturally. Just strike up any sort of conversation with him, and see how it goes. If it continues to grow into a relationship then you can work from there. Don't over stress the things that you have no control of right now, and just ask him for a coffee sometime, or hit him up on facebook. Good luck!