I Want Someone To Love Me

Because at some point of time, nothing matters any more, you skill your task, stand alone, in the empty field, and your brain gets exploding. You get your alcohol, light a cigerrate, but you brain just QUITS.

You can not fight alone for yourself any more.

Every day, goes by, and I ... don't know what is the task, but I know i will sort the task out, and I do. Everyday, I will come home, alone, no one to share my life with, I will plan my life alone. And my body will hurt, like it want to break apart.

My soul will burn.


I will cover the smoke in cigeratte smoke, Alone.

I want to be seduced. Loved. Hugged. Healed. Emotionally cared for.

I know I am a mad scientist. Why can not a scientist be loved?
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May 20, 2012