I Don't Want To Be Alone Anymore.

I'm sad frequently because I'm lonely and just long for someone to love and someone to love me back the way I love him. I get depressed a lot thinking about it. I am a busy person I'm in my last semester as a senior at college, I have an internship and a part-time job. I'm planning a trip to NY this summer and looking for a summer internship. I hang out with friends occasionally when we're all not busy basketball games, movies, dinner, plays, etc. but yet I come home and I'm depressed and sad. I work out everyday for an half hour to an hour five to six days a week hoping it will alleviate some depression feelings and it hasn't done anything and I've been doing it for the past three months. No matter what I try to think about or do it comes back down to the same thing I wish I had someone to talk to about my day, call me to see how I was doing, visit me at my apt, and make me smile the same way I would do for them. It really hurts not having that when everyone around you including your friends do whether it's a boyfriend or there getting married. One of my friends is getting married this year and I'm going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I have went out with a couple guys that I kind of liked but they just told me they didn't feel the "spark". I'm starting to think I'll die alone and a virgin I just keep trying to tell myself I have me, and my work and somehow I'll get through it.
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I feel exactly the same. Its like everybody I like isn't serious or doesn't like me and I'm always alone. I don't even fit in with my family.

I am going through something similar as a male college student. Loneliness and isolation can be crippling things in life. I myself have struggled my whole life with bouts of depression and have spent most of it alone. I am sure you're a beautiful person, but people can often be too self absorbed to realize this. I applaud your courage in voicing this problem that many have. A lot of times we must work on ourselves first to see the root of our problems. Try to honest and proactive in this approach as it will yield great returns in the future.

So in your experience did you take a look at what you thought might be holding you back personally and do something, did it change any outcomes?

I have spent the last few years doing a complete examination of myself. Strengths, weaknesses, how i am perceived by others. But in terms of you looking for a relationship, the hardest part about being a girl is that all you can do is make yourself present to be approached/asked out by guys and most of the "good men" you probably want in your life are probably not the most assertive at least at first. Sometimes these men just need a nudge in the right direction by you indicating that you like them but still playing hard to get as far as getting physical. Hopefully that helps. my site is "therenaissancekid.com" if you need more.