Quirky Girl...with Dark Hair and Wild Thoughts...

 I can dream, but that only leaves a sore spot in my heart when its over - the cold realization that it never happened, and that it probably never will. 

Around me are girls who pride their looks over developing opinions, who take refuge in fashion magazines as their life-guide. Take things at face value, and don't wonder; have little imagination and no reason. 

Its depressing, to think that I have to sift through such broken people to find one whom I can relate to. I picked up a girly-magazine at TAFE today, and opened it up to see what looked like twelve year old girls posing in short, tight mini-skirts. Dresses, cut short - tight, coloured fish-net stockings leading up their legs towards their thighs. 

This would all be fair enough in a men's magazine - (if the girls were a wee bit older) but this is a magazine aimed at YOUNG GIRLS. Basically, instructing them to be sex objects. I feel such empathy for the girls who lose their opinions as they grow up - being told by the media that looking good is their only worthwhile goal. 

And this wave of ignorance is contagious, due to lazy parents. Where is the cheeky clever girl who is shy but smiles whenever you see her? Where are the girls who believe in romance? Where is the girl who isn't afraid to give life a 'yes'?

All of it seems to have faded away. Girls nowadays seem to have developed into a fearful cult of man-wary drones. Love has died and gone away. 


Maul Maul
18-21, M
4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Naturally not everyone is going to lean that way, everyone is different! But an overwhelming majority from what I have witnessed seem to sway to this mindset. <br />
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But there are ways to sway opinions and help people see things in a better light - such as asking your kids why they like a certain musical artist, trying to stimulate them to use their emotions/imagination to develop opinions - not let the media create them on their behalf. <br />
<br />
And about keeping secrets, well of course thats a given - sometimes hiding stuff from your parents is what makes being a kid so fun - this isn't essentially about parents. Its about the attitude of the era, and how it seems only women 'written' by men have that old-fashioned sense of romanticism and recklessness.

Don't you think that misbehaving children of either sex become very adept at hiding things from their parents? I was drinking fairly regularly at age 13. My parents were great and totally involved in my life but I know they had no idea. Young adults today just take it as a given that they should have cell phones expensive clothes and a car as soon as they are able to push the gas pedal. No amount of quality parenting would ever change that opinion. The media bombardment is the real culprit and there is no stopping a juggernaut that generates billions of dollars.

Basically, parents overlook what young girls get into, little realizing what effect it has on them. That was all I meant.

I was with you right up until the "lazy parents" comment. Can you explain that?