Just Lookin For Someone To Love

So often I hear people in pain over lost loves. I know too, ive been there. But more and more i find that i dont miss being loved at all. What i really miss is loving someone. Its the only thing Im good at, really. The only thing that truly makes me happy is being able to shower someone with love and watching them be happy. I couldnt care less about my self and my own hopes and dreams. What gets me going is making someone elses hopes and dreams come true. They usually ditch me as soon as im done helping them fulfill those dreams which leaves me to pick up the pieces but I just dont learn. Anyone out there want to mince up my heart a bit? I promise it will be good for you lol.
lblgsislife lblgsislife
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2011

You are so right about the pain.