Oh If Only She Knew...


I want her to sing that to me...
If she did, I would drive all the way up to her house within the week, to give her a hug and a kiss...
I wonder if she would, knowing I'd do that... Hmm...
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She doesn't really like this song.. <br />
<br />
All in all though, the gist of it is that she does think of me when she hears it, but doesn't like it for some reason (suppose because she doesn't like Avril) And I don't guess she would sing it for me because of that and she doesn't think she can sing. . But she's not said 'No, I won't sing it for you" so I guess there's some hope.. I kinda feel like if she says no that I won't want to ever be with her again...

Okay.<br />
<br />
Yup =)

Haha okay, let me know how she reacts x]<br />
<br />
Good friends will do a lot to make you smile =]

Mm.. I think I will ask her to.<br />
<br />
Well, with her I know we don't feel this way about each other, She loves me, but only as a friend. She'd just do it to see me smile. And I guess she loves my hugs too

=/<br />
<br />
That's not fair either, they should truly mean it.

Yeah. And I don't feel she really feels like the song would suggest. Want me? Yeah. Love me? Yeah. Need me? I don't know..<br />
<br />
If anyone I know cares about me, sang this song for me, I'd give them a hug. I only know one person who would probably sing it to me, but she'd just sing a line just to be cute =3

It would be unfair and wrong of her if she sang it at didn't mean it.

Maybe I should tell her, just to see if she would.. Though I worry if it didn't sound like she really meant it.. If she just sang it and said was to me, That would make me sad.. But if she really sang from her heart and meant it all, for me, that would take my breath away...

I might.<br />
It is very wonderful...

Oooooohhh my god, I love this song so much, you have no idea. If I'm sad and listen to this song, I'll start crying. It's just that beautiful.