Hello, I'm Inna From Ukraine.

I hope i can find some help on this website and truly kind ppl. I'm a single mother of 2 kids. And have big enough heart to raise more children which i'd want to take from orphanage here in Ukraine. This person who'll agree to sponsor this my dream can check who i'm, where i'm from... And control all things: how deals goes, how and where children live...etc any other details. That be sure all their financing goes on kids and on their good life. In my case it's not only sponsoring by send children money and you even can't to know if they got those money, what they eat, how they live.. but in my case- kids will get a real mother with a place to live and they can feel all love and care which each child should get. Also i'm selling my art work- handmade dolls and other things which can make your home pretty, you can help by buying my work. In my photos you can see only a few examples of my work. If You are interested, contact me pls in privat message. Thanks. Inna.

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am here for u

)) thank you

if you want someone to sponsor yo so much why dont you let people friend you ???

Hi, sorry.. i have no any idea what you talking about, maybe bse i still don't know much about how to use this site... i even didn't know that

you have to adjust your settings to let people add you !!! maybe you will find someone who can help

well i checked, everything fine there, i didn't block people from let them friend me... it's strange, also i hadn't problems with adding ppl before

add me then !!

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Hi, everybody.. just want to make clear one misunderstnading- my msg were for sponsors- those ppl who can help me in my situation with the orphans in Kharkiv, and i'm not sponsor myself....So, i want to say to all those ppl who wrote me with asking to help- you misunderstood my story, pls clearly reread it. Thank you.

please i have mail you please respond to me
thank you