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Never Thought I'd Write This

But today I signed in and saw ads on my page. After a year since last July, I saw ads on my page and I didn't like it. Last July, I paid EP $20 to support them. Even though me and my hubby were struggling then, I managed to support EP with that donation. I know they say that it only ranges for a certain amount of time but I was just heartbroken by this news. I mean, is it right to taunt with someone when you've done this for them. If you're an EP supporter, I know support just doesn't run out like that. Where did my $20 go?

Now, I am way down on my luck and I know I can't afford even the slightest thing right now. Not even ten cents a day. So, I want someone to sponsor me. Before EP revoked my sponsorship, I sponsored a friend of mine and I noticed she got her gold star but now I'm missing mine and is shocked to see it gone and the ads appear. If you can't afford to, I'll understand but I am strongly disheartened by the loss of my star and the perks that came with it.

Dimples87 Dimples87 22-25, F 1 Response Jun 13, 2009

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Life is tough and Ill agree with you on this one!!!