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I've Been Given Nothing But Problems Trying to Do It Myself...

I have tried to sponsor myself twice, no luck!  They make it impossible for me.  I have the money to do it, just not the credit/debit card.  I messaged them to talk about this issue.  Because, I do not go around begging people for handouts, and I can afford to support myself.  I just always fall short in one way or another.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin 22-25, F 8 Responses Jun 13, 2009

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Don't take it personally. People don't trust people they don't know. My only advice to you is suck it up, life is hard and work is hard and you pay for it all your life unless you are born rich. Good Luck

She's a lovely person. Intelligent people everywhere should be greatful open-minded women like her exist. Best wishes to her and her achieving all her goals....

Ah that was so nice :)

Oh, and urbrandofheroin can delete this story at her own option if she likes...

What people in her situation -could do- is PayPal someone else the money and let them PayPal EP :-D

What a nice thought of you Laura. I had someone do that for me too, and that was because I couldn't do it either for other reasons

Ok... like a lot of things on here, this doesn't work mobily (the damn button doesn't click). Means it's gotta wait till I'm at a PC... Will be sometime later today... Of course if any of your other friends want to beat me to it, then that's cool too... We all know urbrandofheroin never sleeps and yesterday is always the perfect time :-)

Please hold on I'm attempting to help you