Girlfriend Poses

I was dating a lady, Janet, many years ago, and we met a semi-pro photographer. Janet was not a knockout, had a few extra pounds, but was otherwise cute. The photographer offered to take some boudoir style pictures of her. We discussed it and Janet was very reluctant, saying she was embarrassed about her body and exposing it to a complete stranger. I convinced her to give it a try. She asked that I not attend the shoot. I agreed as long as she told me all about it later.
Here is what she told me. It started out very mild with her in underwear, but soon progressed to full nudity. He took literally hundreds of pictures in various poses. He was very polite and soon put her at ease. She said she started to enjoy the attention and did not feel threatened by him. Towards the end of the session he asked if he could take some "**** style" pictures. She reluctantly agreed, and he took a collect of shots with her spreading her legs and spreading her *****, posing doggy style and spreading her cheeks, genital closeups, etc. She was so turned on that when he asked her to play with herself she actually had an ******. After he finished the pictures Janet was very embarrassed and got dressed and left.
We had fun talking about it later, and looking at the pictures.
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Oct 19, 2010