I Am Experienced And Available

I am a professional photographer, honestly. I am in the middle of changes and reorganization since my divorce but still available for a variety of photo assignments. In days past my bread & butter was Product, Commercial/Industrial, Aerial and Event (such as weddings, etc.). I am working on getting re-established with a focus more on the Event work which also includes working for colleges, universities and private schools. My personal photography is mostly Nature, Wildlife & Scenic. With all that said I have worked with a photographer who was well known in the area for his creative Boudoir Photography and have done several shoots on my own. I have also done a large number, and growing, of photo shoots for males, females and some couples for their personal use.

So, bottom line is I am available here in the New Hampshire area and being that I am in rebuilding mode my prices are exceedingly reasonable and open to barter. I do have portfolio pieces for serious inquiries.
funguy1326 funguy1326
46-50, M
1 Response Nov 4, 2011

I am looking for a photographer to take erotic pictures of my wife and I. We are both 55 but fit and fairly slim.
I have taken a few myself and fairly happy with the results, my wife really enjoys people seeing her naked and in sexual positions but has always been on a web cam not with a person present taking the shots! It really turns her on thinking people are watching and getting turned on.
Don't know how far to take it lol!