I Took Erotic Photos

I really, really do believe that I have the ability to make someone look good

I mentioned this to a married couple I know

Naturally, at 40+, she wasn't feelig that attractive. I assuered and him that
i had no interest in keeping the photos

I reminded them that professionals take hundreds and hundreds of photos to get it right

I was eager to be playful and to she them how to do this in a fun way.

We set it up at a Victorian house I own. She had 3 bag fulls of clothes. I was nervous but confident.

The husband brought 2 bottles of champagne. He served drinks for us as she went back and forth in different outfits.

Everyone was very aroused too. HEr points were very obvious. The husband and she were making out occasionaly in the back room.

They pointed to me and kept looking at my crotch and talking about how they were curious about **********...

but that's another story

PS--I gave them all the flash cards from the cameras
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too bad you didn't save any for yourself, or us!