You'd Think It Would Be Easy........

Over the years I have done numerous photo shoots with my wife at home. Reasonably explicit but solo, the hardest stuff being her using her favourite Omar *****!

We have talked about her having a professional shoot done possibly involving a male model, but here's the problem!

I've searched the internet high and low but photographers who will do such shoots all seem to only do shoots with model release forms. Thats not what we want, we are happy to pay but we just want to use their talents and let us keep the memory card to keep. As an alternative if the pictures were published away from the uk that would be ok . We havn't even got to the stage of finding a studio / photograher who can hire a male model!

I cannot think of anything more erotic than her doing a shoot spreading her legs etc as if it was going in a magazine . Adding a male model would well go off the scale!

I am not sure if I would actually want to watch the shoot as it may inhibit her ... particularily if she did B/G. There again.....

Has anyone else had the issue? I cannot believe that there is nobody in or around London who offer these services...
onekeano onekeano
Jul 23, 2012