It Happened....

I posted on here about getting a photographer to do a shoot of my wife with another guy (I posted this a while ago under another experience).
I eventually found one and last week the shoot took place. We agreed that she would do some solo stuff first and only if she was comfortable would the male model join in. On that basis we paid the guy.I waited outside and to be fair I was nervous (probably more so than my wife). Most of the rest of the story are based on her comments.
The photographer was really good and after starting with her in a short dress she moved to underware shots.
She was feeling confident and quickly was posing topless. The photographer had her holding her knickers to the side exposing what looks like in the pictures an increasingly damp *****. Once she was totally nude the pictues moved from open leg to pink shots.
The male was brought in - she had just put her knickers on prior to him coming in and he was just in a pair of pants. They did a few ordinary pictures then her asked the male to put his hand inside her knickers and vice versa. From here its probably easier to descibe the rest of the pictures .
There were pictures of her holding what was a very big and hard **** & him feeling her *****.
The next ones where of her kneeling in front of him holding his **** near her mouth (but not in it).
They moved on to him holding her ***** open and a close up of him licking her.
The next one show him holding his **** against her entrance but not in it.From there there was a couple of shots where he appears to have penetrated her but the angle was such I cannot be sure. The final one was one of her holding his **** near her mouth but again not in it.
She insists that no proper penetration took place although when pressed she did say the head of his **** may have gone in a little bit! We both enjoyed it but I am not sure she would do it again (correction - she changed her mind - I will report on the second shoot separately). We have the memory card from the camera so nobody other than us has access to the pictures. She will not let me post them anywhere...sorry! I am pleased she did not go the whole way and full credit to the guy for not taking things too far.
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would love to see the photos, please post them and then add me