The Second Happening....

I posted here details of our first private shoot, which ended as a BG shoot. I said that I doubted another one would happen. Well a few days after she said she would like to do another one.

A quick call set up the follow up shoot but the male model was not available, but another one was. I did wonder if that was going to be the end of it – but I was quite pleased as the reason for shoot #2 was not that she over fancied the first guy!

When we arrived we were asked if she would sign a release form (he obviously liked what he saw first time) but we declined preferring to pay for some privacy. It turned out he had asked after the first shoot.

It was to follow the same format as before, solo followed by a couple shoot.
I left the studio (in case anybody is wondering about safety the photographer is a friend of a friend). I walked about (nervy!) and after about 30-40 mins I saw a guy turn up who I assumed correctly was the male model – he looked her type!

Moving forward an hour or so we met up & I asked how it went..She smiled and said just have a look and handed me the memory card.

This is what I saw:-
For the first she started in just her bra and knickers. They followed a similar pattern to the first shoot. The main differences were that they were slightly stronger. There were more very open leg shot plus some of her inserting fingers. In addition there were more bum shots with several of her holding her cheeks apart but nothing too wild.

Following this she changed into a dress and the male came in. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt .
The first part consisted of a bit of basic canoodling on a sofa – her hands inside his T Shirt his hands up her dress.
He then removed her dress and undid her bra; she is then seen undoing his jean whilst he took off his t-shirt.
The attention remained on him as she pulled down his pants revealing a large but semi erect ****. There next ones show her rubbing it to an impressive size.
Moving on from there she holds his **** near her mouth but instead of there being no contact as the last shoot was her tongue is against his head. The next one had me gasping the **** was inside her mouth with her lips closed around it…bloody hell! There were a few more similar shots including a couple of close ups.
The action turned to her as he removed he knickers and whilst she was lying on the sofa he was seen close up licking her and putting a finger into her very wet *****.
They then moved too the floor with her on her back legs open with him between them. The next one shows her holding herself open with his **** just outside her. Next it was against the entrance but not in.
To my relief the next ones showed her holding her boobs together with his **** between them.
A few later she is bum in the air legs apart with him holding her open and her holding his **** against her entrance. The next one is from slightly different angle and it looks like he might be slightly in her. The angle changes again and omg the head is definitely in! The next one it is half in and after that a fully in close up. They switched positions and there were a couple of her on top of him lowering herself onto his **** and another close up of her on top with him fully in. Another position change to missionary position and another close up from between the legs.
Those are the most erotic pictures I have ever seen!
The next shots show her with his **** back in her mouth and him fingering her. Finally she is seen rubbing his **** and him coming over her stomach.

After chatting though the shoot with her the following came out:-
1. The penetration shots were spur of the moment She guided him in (her words it was so big and so close I just had to feel it in me) – the oral ones had been suggested by the photographer.
2. The penetration shots were just that there was no thrusting – just pictures of penetration.
3. She was asked again to sign to allow publication – again it was declined. She was offered a readers wives shoot by a well known publication a while back but also said no (a long story!). We are keeping the memory card safe as before so… sorry no posting of pictures.
4. She enjoyed the shoot but said it is definitely the last one – I’ve heard that before! I can’t afford any more so it will have to be published…mmm not sure.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

We will not be posting any of the pictures sorry we will keep them private. Paula will be doing her account of the second shoot soon though.....

Publish, and be dammed. Yes why not, without the face if you are doubtful.

Great story! I'd love to see the "at the entrance" photos!!