The Second Happening - Paula'S Story

Hi Paula here again.
I promised to post my side of the second shoot.
I had enjoyed the first shoot & I liked the pictures.
Ken & I talked about two things – signing a model release (& decided no way!) and doing a second shoot.
Although we didn’t actually talk about it I am sure we both knew it would go further.
We arranged a second shoot but were told the male would need to be a different one, I was a bit disappointed but it was not a show stopper.
As before we agreed to do solo stuff first. I won’t bore you with the details of that part but I found it a lot easier second time round. They were slightly stronger than the first solo ones. More open leg and more of me holding myself open. I also did more bum shots, including holding my cheeks apart!!!
We had a rest & the male model arrived – boy what a hunk! My disappointment at not having the other model disappeared!
The shoot started on a sofa and I was asked to put my hands up his tshirt (not a problem!) and he was told to put his hands on my leg up my skirt. There were a few shots like this and his hands quickly reached my knickers. I then rubbed the front of his jeans – his **** started to swell and yes it felt substantial!
He removed my dress and very quickly he was undoing my bra and licking my nipples.
It was my turn to get involved! I undid his jeans (kneeling in front of him) and there before my eyes was a bulge! The photographer was a bit more assertive than in the first shoot so when he asked me to reach into his pants and get his **** out I just followed his instructions. His **** was bigger than the previous model and bigger than any that I had ever held before (sorry Ken!).
I rubbed it a bit and it grew very hard. I was then asked to hold it towards my mouth and I licked it. It was suggested that I put it in my mouth and as he took the pictures I wrapped my lips around it. It was huge! There was chemistry between us and I guessed where it was going to lead…
I was told to lie on the sofa and the model (let’s call him Lee) knelt on the floor and removed my knickers. He was told to lick me, and there were pictures taken of me holding his head down below. The also put fingers in me I was soaking! I was really getting turned on but the instructions changed.
I was asked to lie on the floor with my legs akimbo. Lee positioned himself between my legs holding his **** near my ***** which I held open. The head nudged between my lips but did not go in. A few shots were taken and just when I was considering easing him in we were asked to change position this time I was to have his **** between my boobs we did a few like that including a couple of his **** rubbing my nipples.
I was then asked to kneel down and get into I guess “doogy” position. Lee was to kneel behind me holding my ***** open. I was asked to hold his **** as near I dared to my exposed *****. I was in control! It was now or never! I eased it towards me and guided the head between my lips, I pushed back slightly and it started to slide in. I can only just recall the shutter going as Lee gradually fully penetrated me. I felt stretched and he withdrew a bit before pushing it all the way in again. It felt beautiful! We were asked to hold the position whist close ups were taken.
I then moved on top of him and lowered myself onto him. Again close ups were taken and there were a couple taken from behind with him holding bum cheeks open…
I was then told to lie on my back and Lee was on top of me – for the first time Lee had the initiative and he rubbed his **** against me before pushing it in. He did go in and out a few times but it wasn’t what I would call full f*cking.
We were asked to move to a 69 position – I hate the taste of my self so I got Lee to wash his **** before I would take it in my mouth again! There were shots Lee fingering me whilst his **** was in my mouth. I was rubbing it and licked his balls and his shaft, this was the nearest to full sex in the whole shoot. It was getting to another moment of truth…to help him *** on not to! I was asked to put it back in my mouth and I tasted the tell tale pre-***. I do not like a mouthful of ***** so I moved my head away just in time as a few rubs sent a torrent of ***** over my boobs but most on my belly.
That was it.
Some thoughts….
1. Did I enjoy it ? Yes!
2. Yes of course it was sex, but not proper sex!
3. Do I regret how far it went? Not really because it was controlled and is private.Ken is comfortable with it – he said he knew I would go the whole way!
4. Can anyone else see the pictures? Err NO! I was asked to sign a release I said no.
5. Will I do it again? Not sure, this may sound like a contradiction from the point above but part of me would like to see pictures in print. Ken would like me to do another one but with a black model. We cannot afford another shoot so if it happens again it would be for a magazine…my heart says no though.
6. Would I recommend others giving it a try? Yes if you have a strong relationship.

Please do not ask us to post any pictures ….the answer is NO! If you have questions please feel free to ask.
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1 Response Mar 25, 2013

So so hot...! I would love my wife to do this but it would just not happen...

Have you told her? You never know!!!

Yes she knows, but she thinks I
'm a bit odd, and she just doesn't really have an exhibitionist bone in her (otherwise very wonderful) body....