Talk Dirty To Me Please!

Lately I have been asking my wife to talk dirty to me when we have sex. This is a little outside of her comfort zone but I get so friggin hard when I hear her tell me how hard she is making me and how much she loves to suck my ****. I would really like her to get outside her comfort zone and tell me about how she used to suck some of her boyfriends ***** or how hard some of her boyfriends used to **** her and other sexy **** stories from her sexual past. I love and respect my wife, but I really wish she could talk like a hot wife to me sometimes.
Zig13 Zig13
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3 Responses May 2, 2011

To be able to verbalise with another person about the sex that your wife gets upto is ******* hot. to meet another guy and talk about your wifes *****, or any aspect of her is a thrill......just imagine what its like to see a shiney **** withdraw from her well fucke ****........oh man ????????

PS That is not to say that Milky thinks you don't have real woodies right this very second, whenever you think your depraved thoughts. But she knows that having a bit of chat would really be the icing on top for you, Zigs. When you go to the window with your shy wife, you might try a bit of wine as well. Milky read that other story you wrote about how liquor helps her relax. Blue Fairy can work her magic better if subjects are primed for change, Milky thinks.<br />
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Milky, I always look forward to reading your comments. You are absolutely brilliant! You've made my day yet again ;). Have a great day!

Yoo hoo, Ziggybaloo! Milky knows just what you mean about this dirty talking behavior. It makes Milky all squishy in her girly parts to hear word like "suck ****". Milky's reaction to filthy, debauched language is quite similar to yours, when you get "so friggin' hard," only of course, Milky doesn't get hard because she is a girl. She gets soft and wet and ready for some good hot monkey sex ******* action. Except her nipples. Those little brown caps on her soft white ******* stand up at attention, so Milky supposes they are hard, too. But, to be honest, they are not as hard as your ****.<br />
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Milky hopes that you get your wish and your wife sheds her verbal inhibitions to give you all the auditory delights you can stand. Perhaps if you wish upon a star, like when Pinocchio wishes to be a REAL live boy, and the beautiful Blue Fairy grants his wish, you will get some smutty talk. In the original Italian tale, she is called La Fata dai Capelli Turchini. That means the Fairy with the Turquoise Hair, a detail which obviously Uncle Walt did not think was a turn on or at least worthy of translation, so he did a little dye job on her locks. But anyhoo. Milky thinks you should take your lovely wife to the window some evening soon, and hold her tight, caressing her non-turquoise hair (at least Milky assumes her hair is something more conservative, given her shyness about the smutty talk during depraved acts of love) with your warm lips and say "I wish my lovely wife would say slutty things to me when we are engaged in wild fornication, so that I could get a REAL woody!"<br />
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Love,<br />
Milky<br />