So Stressed

I am so unbelievably stressed out. I just recently found out a few days ago that my boyfriend of 2 years and I are pregnant. He says he is extremely excited about it. We have had our issues in the past believe me. I am currently going through a custody battle with my daughter's(1st child) father(not my bf). He is trying to go for full custody. 2 days ago my boyfriend just went to jail. Its looking like he is going to be serving some serious time. He wants me to wait for him. I would without a doubt. But now I get a text from this girl that he is friends with that I cant stand and she tells me he says he doesnt know what to do about me being pregnant cuz all we do is fight and the child shouldnt be around that nor seperated parents. She also stated he said he had been trying to save up money so that he could get away but told her he was unable to cuz I supposedly spend it all. I cant help but wonder if this is true and he just tells me this is what he wants cuz he wants my finacial support while he is in jail..... I just moved in with his mom cuz I started to go to school full time until I can get into my own place...Don't know anyone here but the girls that I go to school with(whom I barely talk to outside of school) and his sisters friends(whom I also barely talk to outside of school) I feel like I have no friends anymore. I went from being the beautiful swan to the ugly duckling
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1 Response Nov 14, 2010

What did your b/f do to be serving "serious time"? It really depends on your guys' foundation: do you communicate honestly and well? Do you have a foundation that means the world to both of you? How long is your b/f in for? If living with his mom, *please* be sure to support her as well. If you can't, it will add more stress to her.