Alone But Surrounded O_o

I work in a very social place so i meet alot of people on a daily basis but it seems like when it comes to actually wanting to have a conversation, there is no one there. I want to meet new people, people who are interesting and living a life completely different from mine. Someone who wont judge me and who i can hold a conversation with. Is that to much to ask?
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2 Responses Jan 2, 2011

apparently it is too much to ask. <br />
i share your difficulty in starting conversations - tho i see others who seem to have no difficulty and dont seem to care if they are judged.

ive had people try to judge me but it just goes over my head. then they tell me all this comments and tel me 'oh i dont mean to talk down to you' when i see it in a different way, i want to always want to better my self. well im for real and would like you to be my friend