I Think I Am Lonely... Is There Some One I Can Talk With.......

i have been single my whole life but never felt any thing.. i distracted myself with my studies and work..... but lately i have been feeling quite lonely.. i dont know why.. may be i have reached an age where i shud be with someone..... is anybody out there who understands me.. and feels the same way.....
sahil20010 sahil20010
26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 26, 2011

You have a problem with the country that you live in, it is part of the culture.<br />
Do not spread your silly bits into the UK.

A lot of people probably can relate.<br />
Relationships don't happen as often as they seem. You see what you want and that's why even for myself, I notice many couples walking around but in reality, not many are in a relationship at your age. I say, you're at that perfect time and age to go hunt down someone of your interest! <br />
Be confident! And keep a smile on your face, and also keep the mood light.. even if you're looking for something serious, it might not always end up that way. So start off with fun, and let that be the start of everything. (is my opinion) <br />
good luck!