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Feeling Sad

I'm quite desperate girl and I often feel lonely. I have no one to confide in. I'm 16, but never been in a relationship, never even had a kiss. I consider myself as ugly on the outside. Also I have some embarrassing issues with eating, that I can't even tell... Making this post makes me feel so stupid, but I don't know what to do. 

Actually I'm a quite optimistic person, I can be funny, I like dreaming, doing some crazy and stupid things.... I don't think it is boring to talk to me. I like other people to confide in me, I'm a good listener. But there's no one with whom I can share my feelings and deep inside I feel terrible even when I'm cheerful on the surface. 

Oh, I don't know what else could I tell. Just send me a meesage if you feel sad, too, and need support. I don't need something of a psychologist, I just want someone who feels the same as me. 

Alice4321 Alice4321 16-17, F 13 Responses Mar 10, 2012

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we all feel like this time to time. Bad time will pass and good time will come. best wishes

add me I'd love to chat :)

would love to chat with you ..... dgssbd3 on yahoo.....

okay lets chat

add me we can talk and i know what you feel like

add me, let's chat i can use some talk just as much as you ;)

skype? o0oshadow

Sounds like you just need to let the low teens pass. I used to feel like crap all the time back in my low teens. I'm 18 now and I feel much better. I'm still lonely though. But I feel better and that's a start

I'm glad you feel better. Actually, my worst years were 13 and 14, I feel much better than back then, too. You want to chat?

If you want to, just message me.

Hey love to chat i can help you.........give it a try

Hey same here, i'm 19 n never been in a relationship.. Not even a kiss and i'm male.. Add me we can talk..

To be honest, im almost exactly the same except, im male and i dont think i have any embarassing issues with eating. I ,too, have never been in a relatiionship, no kiss. When im around others, im funny and happy like theres nothing wrong. But when i am alone, I have all these thoughts of aloneness. I really dont know what to do, i hope this doesnt continue throughout my life.<br />
As you can see, there are others like you. Feel free to message/add me. I love talking with people. =]

Heyy we can always talk just message me

Hey , whats up ? =P

Hey, well, nothing much, this was a pretty nice day, though. I think spring will start soon here. :) What about you?

Yeah here do. I like warm weather LOL where are you from ?

I'm from Latvia. It's a small country in the west side of Russia and you probably have never heard of it.

Yes. I kno where 3bros are. Litva, Latvia , Istonia. Im originaly from ukraine. But live in netherlands now :p

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