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Chatting Buddy:)

Hello! I am online a lot..and I like meeting new people and chatting with them:)If you want to talk feel free to message me sometime:)
P.S I am kind of shy at first...and please be around my age range:)
Oh and I am not a creeper so if you are a creeper please do not email me.....
innocentlover1428 innocentlover1428 18-21, F 13 Responses Apr 29, 2012

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hi im always looking for someone to chat with

im just a old person with no one left in my family last -- only son only son not any left friends im 52 aand tired of life smile to u / this is my first time ever - i dont know how i got here may you and your be in good heath and may know love in your life time ilike i have. joe tanner the wahakid 100%er

your only 52 not old, im 54 and dont think im old, im very lonely, been married 34 yrs but my husband has got asburgers, may as well be on my own, he says he loves me, but words dont mean anything. so cheer up, lifes for living, new year soon, and by god my lifes going to get better, only you can do it . good luck.

Hi how are you x

have you got a pet

hi how are you nice to meet you

funny. i get called a creeper but that's the last thing i am. i like chatting on here a lot and sadly there are not many people who are online when i am. Just my buddy from egypt. I like writting, reading, drawing (lame stuff), music, eating, speaking about the meaning of our existance lol and i do make a lot of questions so...if you feel weird i could stop. Am i allowed to message you :-)<br />
<br />
And i do not look for sex or partener AT ALL. I hate that. I like my couchpotatoe life and am not willing to change it. heehee

Lol sure feel free to message me
Although my life has been a lite crazy lately so I am not on as often as normal



heehee, that was an ignorable coment. pah! as in whatever. I hope i didn't offend you. sorry.

Lol no u didn't

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Hi I want to make friends on this site, so you can message you?<br />
you like anime/manga? I 'm watching the Korra, avatar, and i used to watch more anime before... but i'm not.

sorry* I can message you?**

Sure feel free to message me
Um I am not that into anime but I have seen a few shows

hello, I have a enough time to spare. ;)

Haha ok message me sometime:)

i am here if you ever need somebody to chat with . to vent out to . a shoulder to cry on or needing some laughter As they say . laughter is the best medicine . ;) . or just somebody to chat with . also , if anybody messes with you . causes any problems with you . let me know . i will do my best to take care of them as you can online . Always !

Oh thank you..that is so sweet:) I would love to chat with you sometime...feel free to send me a message:)

i would like to be your chatting buddy:)

Cool! Just send me a messgae:)

Hi, I'll be glad to talk to you, add me :)

I can't add you cause you are very private:) you should add me!

and I can't add you cause you're provate! lol :D, I'll try to cancel the privacy, although I don't really know how :D

Go the account settings...under your username at the top of the screen:) public so i don't know why you can't see my profile.........

hmm I'm public too..what is wrong with this site lol

hmm....ok just email me:) it is my username and then

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awesome! I'd love to have someone to talk too! not sure where to write you so i guess here i am~ chatting buddy at your side =]

Oh that is a cute response:) Um...will you add me as a friend and then I will message you:)

argg it won't let me view your's :P you can add muah tho

lol i was going to add you when you first responded but your profile is private so i cannot even view it:(

ok i changed it. it ought to work now :P

It still does not work *sigh* (sorry it took so long to reply...I did not get an email that you responded) But ya you can email me:) It is just my username and then at


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