My Brains Confused?

Right now here is my problem i'm a girl totally straight then a girl named Courtney asked me out i was shocked i'm not all that great i said no because of my mom and that i'm not gay. But i started to like her a little... And i cant i'm christian and that an abomination to everything i know! But that's not the problem now... when i look at girls i'm like what if... BUT I CANT BE GAY! I love gay people so much their people like everyone else but if i were to be gay id go to hell and my mom would kill me. What am i supposed to do with these feelings?
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13-15, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

You're young, may just be a phase. May not be. You just might be a type of person who has feeling for someone if they have feelings for you. It's totally normal.