I Miss Her So Much.

Well, my story begins when Melissa and I dated for the first time. We grew to love each other over the short year we dated. She moved on after our break up. I was devastated. She however, seemed as if it didn’t even matter. Over the four years we weren’t together she and I went through our share of boyfriends and girlfriends. The only thing Melissa didn’t realize was I was still deeply in love with her. Now, after the four year long separation, Melissa and I have become great friends. She looks at me as if I’m her brother. The worst part is the fact that she has been dating this total *** hole for the past year now. I would do anything to be with Melissa and that means I’d do anything to break up her relationship with Austin. My name’s Carlis and well, I have absolutely no clue what to do. I'm listening to our song while i type this. 
cspivey11210 cspivey11210
May 14, 2012