They Change, I Don't

I've had so many ''best friends'', dat i almost can't count em.
When i was younger, they prbly left me, because i was bad influence. I didn't push anyone todo anything, but they always seem to copy what i do. When i was younger it was about; stealing clothes, smoke weed, smoke cigarettes, drink and party much. They got too many problems, when they hung out with me. Well i stole clothes, cause' my mother thought dat new clothes and stuff weren't important. The other things, is the same reason as all the others, i ended up with bad company, and became bad company.

But when it comes to were i stand now. I'm the one who make them laugh until they literally pee their pants. They think i got a lot of friends, and therefor they don't think they got a chance in my life, when i'm so ******* lonely and depressed. But it makes me happy to make people laugh, i wanna live to make people happy.

But when they come close to me, it all starts pretty good. I'm very loyal and take my friendships very seriously. It has always been like this: I give em all of me, but i don't get response. I make them feel good, i help them whenever i can, i talk to them, make them laugh, give them food or a bed to sleep in when they need it. But then, they get education and a boyfriend, and end up changing or leaving me. Now listen, i've had many many boyfriends, but I've never ever changed...Never... And i think that's their problem with me adno...

But i've always had this one girl, who is sooo pretty and popular, but she is without a doubt my best friend.. But she is also lonely, cause people think that because she's so pretty, and all the boys like her, they think she's bitchy or something, and she actually hate it...To be as beautiful as she is, but that's another story.. Can anyone relate out there? Peace On The Streets. A.
AnnaJoensen93 AnnaJoensen93
18-21, F
May 14, 2012