Hayley Gascoigne

im going to make this short.. im 28 wiv 2 boys one and 3 .. i love them and am trying my.best 2 b. a good loving mum.. however my partnar wont let me go.. i dont love him.. have gave him so many chances to be a nice person.. i cannot live like this for much longer.. help x
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

******* *****,i know her fella and he is a really nice guy,she should stop listening to dickheads who are trying to involve themselvs in her personal life!

I know how u feel my partner of twenty years had a bad year and has turned to drink I lasted 18 months and couldn't take anymore I now live in a one bedroom flat with my two boys although a right bit older than yours while she is in three bed house drinking all day everyday giving me so much **** all the time it's hard to get away from I have been gone 6 weeks now and is getting a bit easier just do what u think is best for u and kids

You say you don't love him, so where is the problem, is the problem with him or with you