Want To Talk To Someone

sometimes i feel so lonely...i have great friends,lovable parents, and a dear sister...still sometimes i wish to talk to someone else...anyone around?
geetgeethu geetgeethu
22-25, F
5 Responses May 24, 2012

Hi! How are you?

Kinda weird how alone sometimes you feel no matter how many people ther is around you. With me it makes me feel more alone then actually being all alone, lol. So I have to be alone as much as possible sometimes so I dont feel so lonely, lol. Im never gonna make sence.<br />
<br />
But possible to have very good freinds at least, which you could talk to about everything.

This is a.wonderful and.yet regrettably true statement. I share the same feelings...

can we chat?

hi...thank you...:)

I'm here .