What Is Wrong With Having A Friend If You Are Married.

Married man, yeah I know we are a dime a dozen on the internet. My marraige is not what it used to be. Wow if you had a dollar for every time you read that. Looking for a friend female only to email or chat with. Prefer soemone in the same stiuation, in a marrage or relationship that is not working as well as you hoped. Even though I am one of tose evil married men I am agood listner and I promise to be honest and polite. Drop me a line here and I promise to get back to you. Why because being married and lonely is not a crime and is not a life sentence, unless you choose to make it so.
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3 Responses Jun 14, 2012

Hi, I am married but my hubby found a job in other city. So, I feel lonely very often and hate marriage in a distance. Does work for you to chat?

yes we can chat if you wish. here is my email address if want to excahnge a few emails first . carljameson59@inbox.com

thank you, hopefully we can chat some time

I so sad hearing this! I always get sad when a relation doesnt work out! <br />
for sure being married and lonely is not a crime! <br />
but i am not in your situation! I am not married and I have a very close friend! <br />
Anyway, if you like we can talk together! <br />
<br />
maybe we can be good friends :)