Its So Important Make Freinds

im 27 yrd old male from usa im from texas i use have noone in my life i like push eveyone away
from me if cant talk to u cant hurt me from 10-23 i was trying fin out who hell i was but today people love being around im funnny guy to make anyone laugh or if they need vent or cry im that guy but also a sacred litttle boy inside shell of a man
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Holding on to your pain inside only makes it worse. I know pain. I lived with years of it. It swallows you up when you least expect it. I was the life of the party miss sociable. Everyone knew me and wanted to go or do what I did. It was fake. I was miserable. but why let anyone see it. So I get it. Let it out. Share a piece of pain. It will start to flow and soon. The real you will escape and be a part of the fun guy everyone loves. Cheers and here for your support .