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Hello. I'm on winter break from college. I'm pretty solitary by choice, and had a packed schedule with 4 classes and 2 jobs, but now I am too sick to work one of those jobs (endometriosis), and the other job is at the college (tutor), so now I literally have nothing to do. Except get better since I have the flu, but that isn't very entertaining. I've just been lying in bed catching up on a fantasy tv series I like. And reading A Game of Thrones that I got for Christmas. Well there's my rant..
Having someone/s to talk to would be cool, my cat is tired of listening to me.
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I'm going through a tough time myself right now while in school. Im here to talk if you want to. I could use an open ear myself during this tough time.

Hey I know how you feel at the moment . I'm pregnant and I'm only 21 while my friends are partying I'm at home taking care of my almost one year old. Don't get me wrong I love him and I love spending time with him but I would like to have conversations with people my age .