who's interesting, weird person :)
nicardipine nicardipine
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I know I'm weird. The interesting department is not my best suit.

lol we all have weird side..

Hey what's up?

I once sang to my dog when she was sick. Is that weird?

lol cute

I also like to make them dance and rap. They seem to like it. Do you have any pets?

yeah had before. But not anymore :(

Oh no! That's not good. I'm sawy :"/

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how do you define weird?
or am I maybe perverted being mid fifties and wanting to chat with a young lady?

haha that'll be "weird" sorry not gonna entertain that kind of weirdness

Are you saying you are weird

nope. searching for a weird person

You might have found one lol

Hey, I like chatting with new people, so msg me if you're interested im chatting with me? : )