please someone save me from my boredness. I have a soccer tournie tommorow at 8:45am and its 12:30am and im not tired. need to chat until tired haha
QuinnMac12 QuinnMac12
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Where r u playing soccer at

A field in ontario lol

R y'all good

its a competetive league but its not like fifa or anything lol. Its like there are 3 levels of soccer for my age, home team, rec team and competetive team and you try out and they put you on whichever skill level they think you are

Well if you have big games tomorrow what r u doing up. I know say you can't sleep but have you tried things to help you.

my brother cant sleep without certain songs playing so the same 4 songs are on repeat and its too annoying to sleep lol

Turn it down get a glass of milk, do something that when ever you do it, it makes you sleepy.

he has to go to an exibition game for hockey tommorow and he will kill me if i change his music.

How old is he?


Do y'all still sleep in the same room?

Me and him do and our older brother sleeps in thr basement.

You know 15 year old boys do naughty dirty stuff in their rooms.

Try the coach that's my go to spot

My brother doesnt do anything bad when im in there lol but sometimes he locks me out to have sex haha

At 15? Good for him. Does he keep you from boys?

no he lets me be with my sexlife lol

So have you ever touched yourself with him a sleep in the bed.

lol we dont share a bed unless i have a bad dream

Well y'all are in the same room have you touched yourself with him a sleep I his bed and you yours?

yea lol

How often? And that's pretty hot.

lol idk every few nights i guess

Well I'm off to bed, good luck tomorrow. Also what would you do if he ever caught you?

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