It's hot today in Louisiana
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41-45, F
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Rather be there then here where in some places in my yard there is still snow =(

its humid here i Chicago but nice

Cajun country love BBQ shrimp and sea foods.also like humid hot weather i got nicknamed frenchy someone thought i was Cajun.

Please don't mind my words I just had a thought when you said you were in hell...and I just spoke what your words made me think of..Sorry did not mean to start any animosity..Love and Light Mary

In HELL, I am trained to hate everything!!!

Ha ha ha haaaaaa

But if hell does not exist any more if I abolish it,,, because really who wants to burn for all eternity...for ones sins...when in my world all anyone really needs is Love Love Love...hahahahaha...Loving you Mary

Wow that is so cool that you mentioned hell...I was in my cool bath and decided to get rid of this idea of hell and fire...I am sending all of you who are mean beyond my wildest imagination to a totally pink room full of so much love that all you can do is surrender or get more heaped on like coal on a Love all and want all to be the Love and Light that grows and grows to great heights...

Are you describing what I think you are?

An... ****!!


All of the chix here are SMOKIN HOT!

It was very hot here in HELL today... Same thing forecast for the next 1000 years


And, more fire!!!

I'm sorry about the fires. I pray that y'all stay safe

Well, the great part about living here is there really is no downside :) lol

And property values are always increasing - people are just dying to get in!

Oh man, its hot here in the valley in Los Angeles too. >_> I am turning into a sweaty pig just going out the laundry room and switching loads of laundry.

I will pray for some relief for you too...Love and Light Mary

Yes it is hot, but I thank God for the rain and the clouds. My mother and I can only run the air at night. She never seems to know when she is to hot so I have to really watch her temperature. Make sure to drink lots of water. What really helps me is to get in a tub of cold water for a little while. I do that sometimes five or six times a day. LOL...Well try to stay cool and I will pray for relief..Love and Light Mary...

Yes it is.
I'm not looking forward to jogging in this.

That's nice it's a tad cool here.

I'll chat

please send some of that heat to the uk please....

M-o-v-e out of that place!

I wish I could

Why not?

It's not cheap to move

Why? Do u have a lot of stuff?

I'm yes and I need a job

Fair point

Oh and a place to live. That allwAys helps

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