Me Experiencing Being Injured In The Hospital

It was all one day when i was five years old and i was throwing up purple, blue, and a little orqnge. My mom took me to the hospital and the doctors said that i was fine so i went home. Well I  was still throwing up so she took me back and i was there for five days while they took blood work and did a bunch of ex-rays etc. They still said I was fine so i went home and sooner or later i was in so much pain that my mom had to take me back. They had found out that my appendix had burst and that i had to have major  surgery. So then i had my sugery and after that i couldn't walk for a few days because it hurt sooooo bad to get up. When i was in the hospital i could only eat liquids like jello, ice cream, soup. I mostly had tomato soup and jello. So one day my aunt and my cousins came up to the hospital to see me and they had burger king in their hands and it was sooo terrible because i couldn't eat it.

The reason why I think that I could only have liquids was because i would be hard for my stomach to digest it. My friend Vanessa also had to get her appendix taken out because hers got tied around her liver. I hope this never happens to anyone reading this.

                                                                             with love and thought,


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