I Value Conversations So Much...

...and everyday I wonder why I spend so much of my time watching other people have conversations. On TV, in front of me in class. Going into law school and feeling inadequate about my "smarts" has made me worry about the value that I bring to other people's conversations. I am always scared that I will say the wrong thing to someone.

But the other day, I was so starved for conversation that I sat and talked to the floor guard and I was just so blessed to hear about her life and her experiences. I helped her understand this poetry book she was reading, and for those few minutes I felt like my old self again, when I was more assured of my place in the world. Conversations, even when you are on the listening end of them, do wonders for your psyche.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I agree! sometimes when I get scared I edit myself in my head. And I just realized it would be a lot simpler to converse with people whom you know do not easily take offense or are more open in their thinking. Just a thought.

Yes, they really do. I sometimes get starved for a good, meaningful conversation. <br />
<br />
The only difficulties I have is that sometimes I am just TOO carefree... when others aren't. But conversations are the most important things in life.