Lost My Love

I been in a relationship for 3yrs and just rexcently my boyfriend has had a change of heart about being with me. I have been putting a alot if pressure on him for everything. I used to be a real independent woman but lately I've been expecting him to do everything for me. Now he pretty much doesn't know if he wants to still be with me. I also found out that he has been talking to a old girl. I don't want to lose him!!! I know I have been nothing but a burden on him lately but I am fixing that and want to get back to my old self. I just hope it's not too late to get him back to wanting to be with ne instead of leaving and going to someone else. I know I'm the blame for pushing him away, but is it too late to get him back?????
Sweetee30 Sweetee30
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I agree with what eyeslikestars says, and I am glad that you are trying to make things work out. You as a person should never lose your independence because this guy might not always be their but you will always have you so you shouldnt hang on him every which way.

Thanks. I really hope it's not too late. I'm trying my best to make things work.

no i dont think its to late to get him back. Now ur aware of whats bothering him and you can try (if u want ) to fix it and he should try to be patient and see how things go. If he really loves you then would he would want to be patient and work wit you. good luck